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Amateur Astronomy Club

To support and encourage the common interest of the membership in amateur astronomy through group observing and other related group activities;
To cultivate public awareness and appreciation of astronomy as a hobby and as a science through public “open house” observing sessions and other related public activities;
To improve the skills and knowledge of the membership in all areas of amateur astronomy through sharing of experiences and information in lectures, seminars, demonstrations, and other related group activities;
To promote interaction among the several area amateur astronomy clubs by proactive organization of joint observing sessions, meetings, and other related joint activities.

Liam Finn
Arts and Crafts Enthusiasts

The club regularly meets to explore different crafts, network and have a great time.  If you are interested in being added to our distribution list or would like more information.

Jeri Shami
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Athletic Swim & Triathlon Club (F.A.S.T.)

Ford Swim & Triathlon (FAST): Focused on Swimming all year round and triathlons during the summer this club helps beginners reach their goals through clinics, presentations, coached competitive swimming workouts (winter), organized workouts all year, discounts to local partners, and host a sprint triathlon in July, and a Masters Swim Meet in February. Here is there homepage.

The group helps their members to reach their goals whether it is for improved swimming conditionin, doing their first triathlon, or completing that long course triathlon.

Audiophile Club

Ford Audiophile Club : The Club’s Charter is to enhance members’ enjoyment of recorded music.  To this end we hold listening sessions in member’s homes and retail salons and have hosted new product demos.
The only requirements for membership are a love of music, an interest in learning from others, and a willingness to share from your own experience what works well and what doesn’t.  We pride ourselves on our openness to all systems from inexpensive vintage, DIY, to the latest high dollar designs.

The only requirements for membership are a love of music, an interest in learning from others and a willingness to share from your own experience what works well and what doesn’t. No dues or attendance requirements.

Additional Contact
Don Bilger:  [email protected]

Neal Petty
Ballroom Dance Club

The Ford Ballroom Dance Club provides the opportunity for everyone to experience the world of ballroom dancing. Classes are taught by top local professional dance instructors at a beginner to intermediate level. Our classes are geared toward the social level rather than the technical level of dance teaching. You do not need to be a Ford Employee to come to our dances. We have four to five dances per year that are held in the most elegant settings.

Join the Ford Ballroom Dance Club for a great social activity, it’s also a moderate level of exercise.

Jenny Remington
Basketball Club

The pro ballers get some time off, but FERA Basketball plays all year long! Come exercise with us as the basketball clubs primary objective is to have fun while getting a great cardio workout. We have pick-up games being played every Wednesday night from 6:00-8:00 PM in Dearborn Heights. If you’d like to sign up for our email distribution or for any other questions about the club please contact Dapo (AADEWUSI) or Luke (DRABIDEA).

Luke Rabideau
Bridge Club

The club meets weekly on every Tuesday evening (unless the building is closed for Holidays – check our schedule) in the Atrium Cafeteria of Building 1 & 2, (on Rotunda, just West of Oakwood, West of the Southfield Expressway, East of Pelham). Enter from the parking lot from Rotunda, first driveway west of Oakwood; Atrium entrance at circle drive gets locked by Ford Security at about 7 PM, so try to arrive early. If on a rare occasion, you arrive a bit late and find the doors locked, which can happen with Michigan weather and road conditions, just call the Director or another player, and they can arrange entrance.
Registration starts around 6:30 with play starting at 7:00. The playing fee is $5 per person. This is an ACBL sanctioned club. You are encouraged to join the ACBL through our club. Bring a partner or come alone. You do not have to be a Ford Employee to participate. All levels of playing skill are welcome.
Additional contacts:
Ellen Silverest [email protected]
Ardale Johnson [email protected]
Bill Gregg [email protected]
Mark Krugman [email protected]

ACBL Website
Bill Gregg
Canoe & Kayak Club, and the Motor City Dragons

The Ford Canoe & Kayak Club, and the Motor City Dragons (FCKC) has a mission to give members opportunities for a fun & healthy lifestyle usually outside and, but not limited too, on the water through human powered propulsion.  There are no fees for becoming an FCKC member, but we do need a valid CDS ID (confirmed Ford retiree is OK too) because the majority of our communication is through email.  Our distribution list is kept private (no “Reply-All’s).  Typical paddles happen after work in the Detroit Metro Area.  Members are encouraged to suggest new outings.  In previous years, members have proposed and made trips happen including overnight camping, out to Turnip Rock in Lake Huron, and moon lit paddles with dinner & a symphony.  Boat rentals vs. bringing one’s own depends on the trip.  More detail about our club or networking with other paddlers can be done at our online location:

FCKC Contact Lead:  Brian Bialk, email:  [email protected]

The Motor City Dragons is a Dragon Boat Team paddling a 40’ dragon boat with 20 paddlers (10 rows of 2) a drummer in the front and a stern steering the boat while standing in the back.  We have a dragon boat named Mustang Patty and we paddle in the Detroit River/Trenton Channel on the south tip of Grosse Ile (island) at the Ford Yacht Club.  Our practices are June, July, August (sometimes May & September depending on weather) once a week after work. We meet at 6 pm and push off the dock at 6:30 pm with our coach leading the hour-long practice.  We paddle in ~ 3 dragon boat festivals/races per year.  Previously we’ve raced in the Midwest (MI: Lake Orion, Lansing; OH:  Cleveland, Akron, Sandusky; IL: Chicago), Wallaceburg & Toronto Canada and Florence Italy.  We have a composite team of breast cancer survivors and co-ed supporters.  Regular exercise is recommended to reduce the occurrence of cancer and is recommended (prior to, during, after treatment).  Paddling a dragon boat is a full body exercise for your core, legs, and upper body.  It also requires teamwork to paddle in synch, meaning 20 paddles blades enter & exit the water at the same time.  Medical research has shown that for breast cancer survivors, dragon boating is beneficial as it stimulates the lymphatic system and doesn’t result in lymphedema while improving range of motion and strengthening the upper body.  Support and comradery was so great that the 26 research participants in A Breast In a Boat never disbanded upon completion of research in 1996 in Vancouver Canada.

Additional Contract Info :

Dragon Boat: Csilla E. Gutay [email protected]

Brian Bialk
Chess Club

The Ford Chess Club meets every Tuesday in the Ford World Headquarters Cafeteria, from 5pm—8pm

Elijah Rogers
Chorus Club

The Ford Motor Company Chorus is a recreational Soprano Alto Tenor Bass (SATB) chorus, whose members include Ford employees, family, and friends. We invite anyone 18 years or older to join us, Ford or non-Ford. Directed by Dr. Jonathan Drake, the Ford Chorus performs at several events within Ford and the surrounding community throughout the year. The Chorus season runs from September through June, with a few events during the summer.

Spring 2019 Season – Practice location. The chorus returns to practicing at Ford WHQ in the East Lobby. Enter the building through the North entrance. Stop by the guard desk and sign in. If you are new or your name does not appear, please add it to the sign-in sheet. We meet Monday nights from 6:30 to 8:30 pm.

We are always looking for new members to join the Chorus. If you enjoy singing, can sing in tune, and want to hear yourself improve, then we invite you to join us! Not sure if you want to join? Come give us a listen.

For more information contacts:
Andrew Borzych, Chorus President, 313-402-9401-W, [email protected]

Club Website: Ford Motor Company Chorus Website
Phone Number: 313-402-9401

Contact Person Name: Andrew Borzych
Contact Email: [email protected]

Andrew Borzych, Chorus President
Classic Auto Restoration Society (C.A.R.S.)

The Classic Auto Restorers' Society is a small but highly committed group of historic car collectors. You don't have to own a historic car to be a member, and we won't judge what's classic and what's not. But, our members hold about 135 cars, from pre-Model T Fords to late 1970s muscle cars. All types and makes are welcome, and we have horseless carriages, steamers, early Jeeps, Mustangs, Fairlanes, Renaults, Hupmobiles, a Cobra or two, and much more. Our members often work together on each others' projects, and can provide insight from their own extensive experience. Some of our members participate in historic site restoration and volunteer at historic car events.

In the summer months, we meet at least once a month at a cruise night or outdoor event, usually around dinner time, and members often drive their historic cars. In the winter, we meet once a month at a local restaurant. We also plan outings to car-related events such as Concours at St. John's, Meadow Brook Cruise-and-theater nights, and we encourage members to participate in community service events. We offer FERA benefits to our members, including discount tickets to the Detroit Auto Show, Detroit AutoRama, and other great events. Meetings are typically within a few minutes of the Ford Dearborn facilities.

Additional Contact Info:
Bill Kern [email protected]

Randy Betki [email protected]

Bill Kern
Cricket League

Ford Cricket League (FCL) is an organization formed to promote the game of cricket at Ford Motor Company, since 2001.FCL is led by a committee, with experience, in fostering the growth of local cricket in Michigan as well. Ford Cricket League is conducted in a professional manner keeping in view , the best traditions of the game.

Membership in the Ford Cricket League is open to:
Ford Employees, Retirees, and Agency/Contract personnel




President: Bondada, Jithen (J.) [email protected]

COO : Subramanian, Muthukumar (M.) [email protected] (

Bondada, Jithen (J.)
Cycling Club—G.E.A.R.S.

Going Easy And Riding Slower
GEARS is dedicated to assisting new riders all aspects of riding, including fixing flat tires, adjusting derailleurs and answering those deep questions like, just what is this thing-a-ma-jig on that doohickey there anyway?

So ask lots of questions, please.
GEARS wants to ensure that all riders are comfortable with their bikes and see cycling as a FUN activity in which enjoying the scenery is valued more than going really, really, really fast or how you look in spandex. ( By the way: Spandex is not required ).

Yup, maybe GEARS folks are treating cycling a little less seriously than most other clubs, but wasn’t that the point of it all when you got your first bike?   Our goal is to get people comfortable with bike riding and to extend their comfort level to the point at which they feel can ride whenever and wherever they want.

COMFORT: Knocking down barriers!
Physical Comfort — Find out what can be done to allow you to ride your bike more comfortably (bike fit, clothes).
Comfort in Ability — Help riders realize that distance, pace & terrain can all be overcome.
Comfort of Knowledge — Learn more about parts of bikes, what they do and how to fix/adjust them; what to bring on rides and different bikng venues.

As you become more comfortable with cycling, you will find that you are able to explore so much more:

Organized rides
Multi-day tours
Charity rides
Mountain biking
Rides combined with camping
……… the possibilities are ENDLESS!

Cycling Club Website
Joe Cicchelli,
Detroit Social Club

A FERA club for Ford and Ford agency employees who want to explore Detroit and give back to community.

Connect:  With people who love the city of Detroit.
Explore:  New neighborhoods, bars/restaurants, and things to do in the city.
Serve: Detroit through volunteering and community engagement initiatives
Support: Ford recruitment efforts to offer perspective on and exploration of Detroit

Contact: [email protected]

News Letter Sign Up :

Detroit Social Email
Fermental Order of Renaissance Draughtsmen Homebrew
Home Brewing

The Fermentals are in their 25th year of service. The F.O.R.D. Homebrew club is dedicated to the understanding and appreciation of fermented beverages including ales, lagers, meads, ciders, wines and sake. We provide training to new and experienced brewers needed to brew high quality beers of all styles. The club holds competitions, judging submissions based on nationally recognized standards. Feedback from the judges enables the brewers to improve their techniques and recipes.

Meetings occur the 4th Tuesday of each month alternating between Dearborn Brewing (21930 Michigan Ave, Dearborn, MI 48124) and Downey Brewing (13121 Prospect St, Dearborn, MI 48126), newer local craft breweries. November and December meetings occur 1 to 2 weeks earlier to drive the highest attendance possible. If the location or time of the meeting changes, members will be notified by normal club communication channels (see additional information below). Dues are set at $20 a year (discounts are available for household memberships). The club performs brewing demos throughout the year and holds a number of additional fun events including pub-crawls, National Homebrew Day celebration and our annual Fall beer-b-que.

Club benefits include: Monthly meetings, access to our extensive library, access to club equipment including a Blichmann beer gun, a special pin lock fitting removal tool, a jockey box dispensing system, traveling bar, a small canopy, and a 15-gallon all grain pico brewing system. Additional information can be found;

John Enright, President [email protected]
Steve Aytes, VP [email protected]
Stephanie Scheuermann, Treasurer, Secretary [email protected]

John Enright