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Paintball (T.A.N.G.O.) Club

The TANGO paintball club open to ALL experience levels. The games we play are designed around the new players. The experienced players are there to help you if you’ve never played before.

The TANGO Paintball Club is a FERA club since 1996 that is made up of paintballers from Ford Motor Company, Visteon Corporation, plus a ton-o-folks from other companies and their friends.

We play all of our rec-games (recreational games) on Saturdays at No Limits Extreme Action Paintball in Taylor.
Note: There is also plenty of opportunity to play in some special scenario type games.

Contact Person Name: Michael Rosebrook
Photo Club

The Ford Photo Club is proud to be a long-time member of the Ford Employees Recreation Association. Today, its membership is strong and diverse, with members from all walks of life and at all levels of photographic experience. Directed by its Constitution to enhance its member’s knowledge and enjoyment of photography, the Club offers monthly meetings with focused discussions on matters of composition, exposure, lighting, printing, and whatever else might come up as a topic that would benefit the photographic enthusiast.

With the advances in capability, and reductions in cost, of digital cameras, processing, and printing, the Golden Era of Avocational Photography is clearly, right now. Today’s photographic equipment and methods are better, easier to use and more affordable than ever before, and that fact is bringing lots of new people to explore the art and craft of photography. Today’s Ford Photo Club is strong and robust, welcoming all photographic technology, including the latest digital photo and video, but also vintage cameras, film, Polaroid, and pinhole imaging.

The Club also encourages its members to contribute to their communities. Photo Club members have participated with the Dearborn Animal Shelter, the Komen Foundation Race for the Cure, Make-a-Wish Foundation, Ford Accelerated Action Days, and a number of other community service organizations, as photographers, technical advisors, and as general labor.

The club meets at 5:00 pm in Dearborn on the third Thursday of the month.

Contact us at [email protected] or [email protected]

Phone Number: 734-772-5713
Contact Person Name: Bill Kern
Contact Email:
Quarter Century Club

The Ford Quarter Century Club is open to all Ford Employees and retirees with 25 or more years of service.

The Club hosts two luncheon/dinner meetings annually with door prizes, entertainment 50/50 raffles and good fellowship.

For an application form, please contact: Quarter Century Club Treasurer, Madeline Hartman,
Club dues are only $8 per year.

Phone Number: 734-284-1715
Contact Person Name: Marilyn Joynt
Contact Email:
Radio Club

We are the Ford Amateur Radio League, also known as “The Tin Lizzy Club”. We enjoy Amateur Radio as well as electronics in general. We hold Amateur radio license training sessions and also conduct testing examinations. We have regular Club meetings and several social and field events throughout the year and publish a Club newsletter (The Bolt). Please check out our club website for more information at:
Contacts: Dave Treharne [email protected]
Roger Reini [email protected]

Contact Person Name: Roger Reini
Contact Email:
Real Estate & Investment Club

Welcome to the Ford Investment Clubs, where we want everyone to become a millionaire! We share, discuss, and gain more knowledge about the wonderful world of stock market investments.

We function via two sub-clubs that actively invest in the stock market. These clubs are open to anyone with a valid US SSN.

The first, and oldest, is Lunch Money Investment Club (LMIC). Started in 2003 they meet monthly on the 3rd Wednesday of the month, 11:30-12:30, to buy/sell individual stocks. They use the BetterInvesting methodology of stock analysis for long term growth. BetterInvesting ( is a national non-profit whose goal since 1951 has been to teach long-term growth stock investing to individuals. LMIC has a website at where one can find additional information on the club.
Club contact is Bob Mann [email protected]

The second club, founded in 2008, is The Passive (Investment) Club (TPC). They also meet monthly on the 3rd Wednesday of the month, 11-11:30, to buy/sell Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs). They follow a lazy-portfolio strategy whereby the world’s stock markets are divided into 9 non-overlapping asset classes (each represented by an ETF) and they mechanically buy some of each ETF every month. TPC has a website at where one can find additional information on the club.
Club contacts are John Janci [email protected] or Bob Mann [email protected]

Contact Person Name: Bob Mann
Contact Email:
Runners Club

The Ford Runners Club (FRC) is a very active club with over 500 Ford Motor Company employee, retiree, and alumni members receiving our monthly club communications and participation in several events throughout the year.

The club has weekly group training runs at a local high school track starting from March through October. The FRC’s main event each year is a charity road running and track and field competition vs GM and Chrysler called the Corporate Cup Relays that is held in June. This competition is a lot of fun and raises money for local Special Olympics chapters as well as another local charity.

Other Club events include participation in the Crim Ten Mile Team Competition in August, Brooksie Way Half Marathon Team Competition in the fall, Club Meetings where we bring in guest speakers on running related topics, and various fun runs and volunteering as a group at local races.

If you’re interested in joining, please fill out the request on our website at

Contact Person Name: Gayle Krueger
Contact Email:
Scottish Language & Culture Club

Are you a wee bit Scottish? Want to have fun while learning about being Scottish, or Irish, or both? If you are interested in pursuing learning about your Celtic heritage, please come and join us! We enjoy activities and go to events and festivals that celebrate the Scottish and Irish culture. Typical events include Tartan Day and Ceiledghs with the Scottish Society of Michigan, where we get to enjoy the food & culture, as well as enjoying Scottish performances by the Detroit-Caledonia Bagpipes and Highland Dancers. Festivals include the Alma Highland Fling, the St. Andrews Highland Fling, the Saline Celtic Festival, and the new Canterbury Village Scottish Days.

You don’t have to own a kilt to join us, but you may end up wanting one!

New members are always welcome! Membership applications are available through SLCC President, Lorraine Murdoch. Or simply write to find out about our next event!

Contact Person Name: Janel Itin
Contact Email:
Seahorses SCUBA Diving Club

The Ford Sea Horses Scuba Diving Club, established in 1957 as a member of the Ford Employees Recreation Association (FERA), is one of the most active dive clubs in Michigan. We are a non-profit corporation dedicated to the enjoyment and advancement of the sport of Scuba Diving.

In 2016, the Ford Sea Horses merged with the Ford Sea Lancers. The new “club” name is “Ford Seahorses and Sea Lancers Scuba Diving Club”.  The Lancers were a sister club to the Horses and was established in 1959.  The two clubs operated independently until 2016, when they combined memberships and created a common Board of Directors. The merged “Club” is also under the FERA umbrella of clubs.

As a full service dive club, we cater to the diverse needs of the diving community. We dive in a variety of locations from the cold water shipwrecks of the Great Lakes to the warm vibrant waters of the Caribbean. During the spring and summer we also schedule quarry dives to give all members the opportunity to sharpen skills.

The Ford Sea Horses & Sea Lancers Scuba Diving Club (“Club”) offers:

– A wide range of diving experiences.
– Opportunity to develop friendships with others in the sport.
– Take advantage of “mentoring” by our experienced members.
– Educational programs and advanced training.
– Substantial savings on the cost of diving.

We travel extensively over the Great Lakes and Caribbean. Locations in the Great Lakes have included Tobermory, Isle Royale, Munising, Whitefish Bay, Mackinac, Traverse City, and Alpena. Frequent Saturday afternoon/evening charters are planned in the historically underwater rich Port Sanilac area. This allows busy divers the opportunity to shipwreck dive and still have time for their families.   The “Club” is not restricted to northern waters. Our travels have included the Bahamas, Bonaire, North Carolina, Cozumel, Turks & Caicos, and the West Indies, just to mention a few locations.

The “Club” produces; The Great Lakes Shipwreck Festival, 2017 marks its 36th Anniversary. The Festival brings together film presentations from the Great Lakes region to the far reaches of the
Earth.  The Technical room offers presentations from well know expects on a variety of current topics and techniques.

Our monthly meetings are the first Thursday of each month and typically include lectures and films on topics as diverse as safety and travel.

For further information about the “Club”, or to find out how to apply for membership, Contact: Tom Musselman at [email protected]

Club President is Paul Guaresimo at [email protected]

Contact Person Name: Tom Musselman
Contact Email:
Soccer Club

Ford Soccer Club offers year round soccer opportunities. We have outdoor teams for both men and women, including open, over 30 and over 40 teams (8 total teams). We also offer 3 sessions of indoor soccer during the fall and winter, played at High Velocity Sports in Canton.


Contact Person Name: Tom Hennessy
Contact Email:
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Softball Association

The Ford Employee’s Softball Association (FESA) is looking for teams, partial teams, and individual players, to play at Rotunda Fields for the 2018 season. We have openings each night of the week as follow:

Night League Secretary Email
Monday: Ford Men’s League Mike Parsons [email protected]
Tuesday: Men’s Over 40 League Jim Gordon [email protected]
Wednesday: Ford Men’s League Scott Grywacheski [email protected]
Thursday: Ford Men’s League Mike Parsons [email protected]
Ayman Mustafa [email protected]
Friday: Draft Softball League Rich Beers [email protected]

Why play ball at Rotunda Fields? We are located in East Dearborn on Rotunda Drive. Our complex is run by Ford Employees who volunteer their time to make sure we have a softball program at Ford. There is no charge for parking or gate admission for league play. Also, teams are allowed to bring their own food and beverage to the complex. There is a covered pavilion with BBQ grills, plus picnic tables around the complex.

League game start times vary from 5:20pm to 7:40pm very few games have a start time later than 7:40pm the number of games varies by league (varying between 15 and 25 games). The leagues will start at the beginning of May and finish in August. Here are the specifics for the M/W/Th Ford men’s leagues:

You may have as many people on your roster as you think you need. Teams are allowed non Ford players–there is no restriction on how many.

Men’s leagues start at 5:30pm/6:00pm and games could be scheduled as late as 7:40pm (not many of those). Game time is 1 hour 5 minutes (no inning may start after…). Some single games with many DHs during the season.

Team entry Fee for M/W/TH men’s leagues is $675.00 plus the umpire, who is paid on the field. We play a 19-22 game regular season schedule, plus a tournament (involving the teams from M-W-TH) at the end of the season.

The 1st manager’s meeting for the men’s M/W/Th leagues is in April 2018, time and place TBD (however, attendance is NOT required).

If you are a player looking for a team, have a full team, or just a partial team that you want to keep together, send your contact information, along with a brief resume and the kind of team/league you are looking for, and we will forward your name/team on to our Managers. All ability levels of players are welcome. We attempt to set up divisions so that teams play other similar ability teams. FESA does not assign players to teams, but almost all players looking for a team are signed by a team. So come out and play! It’s the great American pastime!

Get more information by contacting FESA President Mike Parsons (parson[email protected], 734-904-8496), or any of the secretaries listed above.

Phone Number: 734-904-8496
Contact Person Name: Mike Parsons
Contact Email: